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"Very knowledgeable about medicare plans, life, dental answering all of my concerns. I use to sell Medicare plans so I know Holly told me the truth. Wonderful woman and her husband is extremely sweet too!"

- Linda, from Edgerton, WI

"Dear Holly, Just a quick note to say thank-you. We have had our Medicare Supplement insurance for three years. We are very pleased not only with our benefits, but also with your kind, caring, personal service. You are always helpful and knowledgeable with any questions or concerns we have had. Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer."

- Pam, from Watertown, WI


"Thank you for all the help on my Part D for 2016 and getting help for my expensive brand name prescription. It made me cry. I am so grateful to you."

- Pam, from Platteville, WI

"Dealing with Holly Frank was a very positive experience. I had had such a confusing time trying to get quotes for Medicare supplemental insurance. I spent several weeks, drawing up tables, trying to make comparisons. I was receiving poor and incomplete information. Then, when I emailed Holly, she immediately offered to help. And that is just what it felt like, real help. When I met her in person at an appointment, I felt I was being treated kindly and honestly. That's the highest recommendation that I can make. The insurance product seems sound, at a fair cost. I feel that when I need it, I will have coverage, and I trust that when questions come up I will have help negotiating a complicated system and getting answers. The biggest benefit is receiving peace of mind. Thank you Holly!"

- Pat, from Madison, WI

"I love the fact that my supplement picks up every penny that Medicare doesn't pay. I like them because I've never been denied from them. I've had a lot of procedures and I've had excellent healthcare. I've been admitted to Mayo twice. I like Holly and Al being my agents. They're informative and I trust them."

- Cheryl, from Madison, WI

"My husband and I received an invitation for a "free" Medicare information seminar from Frank Insurance Group. Although skeptical about attending a free seminar sponsored by an insurance company, we were eager to learn more about Medicare so we accepted and attended. Holly and her husband put on a very informative, no pressure seminar which focused on Medicare, how it works and how to apply. They had a question and answer session after and were very open to individual questions. The insurance they sell was mentioned but the specifics were not discussed. They encouraged a free consultation with them to discuss specific needs but there again was no pressure. We are currently with a local HMO and had planned on continuing with that option for a Medicare Supplement. Something mentioned during the seminar made me realize I needed to learn more to make a more informed decision. During the individual consultation Holly asked questions about my coverage (I'm currently not eligible for Medicare) and she made sure I checked to see if I could be insured if my husband left the HMO until I am Medicare eligible. What this said to me was she wasn't about selling us insurance but about ensuring we had the best coverage we could get. After weighing the pros and cons of our current plan offering and the offering of Physicians Mutual we will be going with Physicians Mutual. We have a friend who has been with the company for three years and is very pleased. If you are confused or on the fence or just need to know what Medicare is all about, I encourage you to attend a seminar offered by Frank Insurance Group. I was a skeptic and am pleasantly surprised."

- Barb, from Madison, WI

"As the calendar year turned to 2014, I began receiving numerous letters, phone calls, and information concerning signing up for Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan. I combed through looking for a policy that would suit my needs, and still allow me to stay with my current physicians, clinic, and hospital. Multiple calls came to me offering more questions and confusion than useful information. It was soon after that I received a call from Al Frank from Madison, WI who shared what his company had to offer followed by answers to some of my basic questions. I had some reservations how I could get the help I needed seeing as we lived three hours away. Al explained that he was in the Eau Claire/Menomonie area several times a month as he not only had other clients here, but that he had college connections! Subsequently, we set up an appointment which included my husband. Tom and I had created a list of questions that Al was able to answer including a clear, concise explanation of the benefits of several policies we were considering along with the costs. We decided on a policy I felt comfortable with, after which Al and I continued to chat for more than another hour. I never felt forced and Al gave me the time I needed. Al returned again with the policy and more information to complete my enrollment. Al and his wife, Holly have been generous with their time whether it was through a person visit, phone calls, or e-mails. Together they make a fantastic team! I am completely satisfied with the policy I purchased. Through a discussion with Holly, I found that the expensive Wellness Preventive Screening I have seen advertised are covered by my policy. She also found a drug plan and pharmacy that fit my budget. Al and Holly have become more than agents. They are like family sending updates on things that are available and beneficial to me, and answering questions, and sharing personal information. They were also receptive to my husband's inquiries as well. I look forward to our ongoing connections, and I highly recommend Holly and Al Frank for their excellent knowledge of their business as a professional team."

- Karen, from Eau Claire, WI

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